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Baking, Racing and Fundraising

I’m running the Race for Life!! For my first true running challenge I have signed up for the Race for Life! In less than two weeks I’m going to be attempting the run for a great cause – Cancer Research UK and have roped in all of the girls from work too to form a team! I have to say that doing it as a group has been a whole lot more fun that it would have been had I done I on my own and it’s made fundraising a whole lot easier too!

We originally set ourselves a target of £500 which at first seemed huge and scarely unachievable in such a short space of time… But I’m happy to say thanks to many generous donations from friends and family and some awesome fundraising skills we have now passed the £1500 Mark! Not bad huh?

Last week we threw a charity fundraising event at the office which was a massive success and I can’t thank everyone who came and supported us on the night enough!

But I guess working in PR if there is one thing we all know how to do, it’s put on a good event and the fact it was a charity one made no difference. We had summer cocktails on offer, home cooked snacks and cakes, a mammoth charity bake sale which all disappeared in less than an hour and even a summer shoe sample sale!

Personally I couldn’t think of an event I’d rather go to than one that offered shoes, cupcakes and cocktails… Three of my favourite things! The office was packed from the minute we opened the doors at 5pm and didn’t clear out until long after the cakes had all but gone. We made a triumphant £250 from the evening and gained an extremely generous £500 donation to top it all off!

Now officially crowning myself a bake sale pro, I of course championed the cake department and had everyone in the office baking up a storm the night before…

We had chocolate brownies, mars bar crispies, marshmallow moments, mini pavlovas, cinnamon swirls, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate marble cakes and from the Betty Bakes corner I rolled up my sleeves, got the rolling pin out and made not one, not two, but four different delicacies for the evening… Tasty Tiffin, toffee tarts, marshmallow stars and even some Race for Life cupcakes…

I’m going to do seperate posts on how they are done but for now here is a run down of what I baked and how it turned out…

Tasty Tiffin…
Traybakes are ideal for a bakesale as you can easily cut them into slices and they look great packaged up in a set! I chose Tiffin as every time I make this, everyone seems to love it and it really is the easiest thing in the world to do!

All you need is: a packet of digestive biscuits, some raisins or dried fruit (cherries can be really nice too) cocoa powder, butter, syrup and chocolate. It’s super easy and no oven cooking required, great for any baking phobs! Full post on how it’s done coming soon!

Toffee Tarts…
I used to make these with my Mum at Christmas time and they are still a firm favourite! Similar to a Millionaire Shortbread only in tart form these are tasty and bitesized! full post coming soon!

Marshmallow Stars…
Whatever I make for a bake sale I always throw some of these in too as they always sell like hot cakes and are so simple to do!

Just buy a couple of packets of marshmallows, some chocolate and some decorations of your choice! The traditional way is to dip your marshmallow in chocolate and put in a small truffle case to set, spoon chocolate on top and throw on a Smartie for decoration – toppers I think they are called! But as I couldn’t find small truffle cases anywhere and didnt have any Smarties, I improvised and just shook on some star cake sprinkles instead… I think they looked pretty groovy! Throw 5 in a bag and sell for £1 and I guarantee you will have none left!

BB’s top tip
Alternate differed types of chocolate to make them more interesting and as we did you can even make them gluten free for the intolerant with gluten free chocolate!

Race for Life Cupcakes…
Ok these were definitely not the best looking cupcakes I’ve ever made but I wanted to experiment with my writing icing syringe so went for it and decorated them with pink icing and black race for life logos! The result? even with an icing syringe I am still terrible at writing!

I’ve made cupcakes loads on the blog before so you can see how to do it here! This time I just added pink butter icing to the top using a large round nozzle and then made black writing icing and drew on the letters as best I could.

We packaged everything up in simple plastic food bags, tying them with funky ribbon, chopping off the top to make it look cute and throwing on some branded bake- off labels…

It’s less than two weeks until the Race for Life now and I’m getting pretty excited! We have exceeded our target but are still vowing to raise as much as possible so if you do want to sponsor me and my awesome team then you can do so here!


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