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Baking cupcakes in heels, Bumpkin Betty

Baking cupcakes in heels, Bumpkin Betty I’ll be honest. Normally when I take to the kitchen to bake something I am REALLY messy. As in, within about five minutes and before I’ve even mixed anything in a bowl, the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it. Every single dish and bowl and piece of cutlery is out, every ingredient removed from the fridge, cameras and phones and lights and props tables and extra ‘styling material’ is strewn around, and me, well if I’m wearing something dressier than a pair of leggings and a hoodie I’m doing well and if I don’t have around an entire bag of flour thrown over me by the end of the experience I’m doing really well.

GB has now got used to coming home to bomb site after any baking adventure, but while the pile of dishes might warrant a frown, the plate of tasty treats I present him with hopefully makes it worth it.

So while I like the idea of baking in heels, the actual act of it had me feeling a bit sceptical. But I do like a challenge. So when White Stuff got in touch to ask if I’d show off one of their outfits while partaking in one of my most favourite of activities, how could I say no to that?

Besides, if I had to choose an outfit to be my official ‘baking outfit’, a bright pink skirt, pretty white blouse and polka dot heels would definitely be it. For instance if I had my own baking show (anyone else talk to themselves while they’re baking as if they’re on TV or is that just me?) this is just the kind of look I can imagine myself rocking – a little of Mary berry’s love of colour, a little of Lorraine Pasquale’s sense of style, and a just enough of my own feminine flair and love of pink to make it individual.

White Stuff broderie anglaise shirt, Bumpkin BettyBaking in the White Stuff, Bumpkin BettyWhite Stuff pink skirt and white blouse, Bumpkin Betty

San Marino skirt – c/o White Stuff | Broderie blouse – c/o White Stuff | Polka dot heels – Boden (old)

And on the subject of pink, can we just talk about this skirt for minute? If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know that my love for this colour knows no bounds and as soon as I spotted this skirt on the White Stuff website it practically jumped off the page at me. I was originally a little worried about the fit as I went down a size from usual in order to wear it a little shorter and higher on the waist, but thankfully it paid off. It’s a gorgeous shape – nips you in at the waist and flares out just enough to just above the knee, making it great with both heels and flats. Lately I’ve been lamenting the lack of smarter clothes in my wardrobe – items that are still fun, and bright and ‘me’ but can also work for those events and meetings where I need to look that little bit more polished – and this skirt ticks all those boxes.

Baking in a pink skirt and white blouse, Bumpkin BettyWhite Stuff pink embroidered skirt, Bumpkin BettyWhite Stuff spring clothing, Bumpkin BettySpring baking recipes, Bumpkin Betty

When I team it with this soft broderie anglaise blouse it’s a great smart summer option, but I can just as easily switch it for a breton tee and have a breezy weekend look. I’ll admit that at first the idea of baking cupcakes and smothering things in pastel coloured icing while trying to keep a crisp white shirt clean, had me quaking in my polka dot heels. I honestly wasn’t sure I could do it. But perhaps there’s some science behind this baking in heels malark, because as soon as I had my pretty outfit on, I was much more methodical and far less messy than normal. I even managed to whisk up my cake batter without getting an ounce of the flour on my outfit – I mean that’s some sort of record.

I did keep things relatively simple for myself and only attempt my most tried and tested of recipes – the humble cupcake. But maybe now that I’m a pro at this baking and staying clean idea I’ll bring out the big guns and make something using melted chocolate… on second thought maybe I’ll just put that pretty white shirt back in the wardrobe and avoid all collisions with chocolate (just to on the safe side).

I’ve included the recipe for my cupcakes below (although they’re so simple I fear I can’t really call it a recipe) and if you happen to make them to tweet a pic using #BakewithBB as I’d love to see!

White Stuff broderie shirt, Bumpkin BettyHow to make coloured cupcakes, Bumpkin BettyHow to bake cupcakes in heels, Bumpkin BettyBaking cupcakes in the White Stuff, Bumpkin Betty

Spring pastel cupcakes

For the cakes

6oz plain flour

6oz sugar

6oz butter

3 eggs

For the icing

4oz icing sugar

2oz butter

Your choice of food colouring

Pink coloured cupcakes, Bumpkin BettyHow to decorate cupcakes, Bumpkin BettyPink cupcakes, Bumpkin BettyPastel cupcake recipe, Bumpkin betty

How they’re done

1 Sieve the flour into a bowl, add the sugar, eggs and butter and mix with an electric whisk

2 Fill a muffin tin with cupcake cases and divide the mixture evenly

3 Bake at 200C for around 20 mins until a skewer comes out clean

4 Leave to cool while you mix up your icing, adding your choice of food colouring (I chose pink and green)

5 Spread each cupcake with icing and sprinkle with decoration

6 Enjoy!

Baking in heels, Bumpkin BettyBaking cupcakes in heels, Bumpkin BettyBaking with the White Stuff, Bumpkin BettyBaking cakes in heels, Bumpkin Betty

What do you think of my baking outfit? Are you a messy baker too or do you enjoy dressing up to cook? Don’t forget if you love to bake, join my Baking Club!

You can see the finished article on the White Stuff website along with the other bloggers who took part in the challenge.

This post is in collaboration with White Stuff but as always the styling and opinions are all my own. A special thank you also to my lovely friend Rosie who let me borrow her kitchen to shoot this post, as ours isn’t nearly as photogenic!

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