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Of all the purchases we made ahead of having Evie, by far the most difficult was choosing which pram/buggy system to go for. Anyone who has been in the position of investing in a pram or stroller (especially for the first time) will testify to the fact that it’s a total minefield out there. There are so many different models and brands to choose from, so many different factors to consider and so many functions available that you’re not entirely certain whether you need.

The problem is that until your little one is actually with you, and you’re using your device day in, day out, it’s impossible to know exactly which model will work for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

I could have never anticipated that certain things would become hugely important to me, such as whether I can fold my device up one handed while holding a screaming baby in the other hand, whether I can easily (and quickly) fit the different sections together and get them apart when I need to make a fast dash from the car, whether I can feasibly carry/lift/wrangle my pram on and off public transport on my own while still keeping a grumpy baby happy and not knackering my back completely, whether I can relax knowing my baby will be protected from the various degrees of weather, and how on earth I carry a coffee cup and push a pram at the same time!

Only now, 4 months in, do I feel like I can confidently say what our ‘needs’ are surrounding our travel systems, and it’s why, like most people, we relied largely on recommendations from other parents when we first made the plunge to invest.

In a bid to return the favour and put some of my newfound knowledge to use, I’m glad to now be in a position to do the same for new parents or parents to be, and offer some advice on what to look for when shopping for a travel wagon for your little one. That’s why I’m really excited to announce that I’m part of the Baby Jogger Squad – a global group of bloggers challenged to test and review the latest strollers from the brand and share tips and tricks for making life easier when getting around with a small human in tow. From now until the end of the year, I’ll be road testing some of the Baby Jogger buggy’s and sharing my thoughts with you, as well as offering up my own pearls of wisdom on how I survive when venturing out with Evie. This partnership has come at the perfect time for us as a family, as not only is Evie just about to grow out of her first pram and swap to a buggy but with summer here and a full calendar of adventures ahead, we’re definitely in need of pieces that are lightweight, compact and can travel easily. All of which the Baby Jogger brand prides itself on.

Baby Jogger was born in 1984 when their founder wanted to develop a buggy which could combine his love for running with spending time with his son, and the lightweight three wheeled stroller was created. Since then the brand has made it their mission to redefine the humble stroller and set about pioneering designs which aim to make every day life easier for the busy active family. Designed for parents on the go (which let’s face it is most of us these days) their strollers are made with travel, exercise and adventuring in mind. They are lightweight, convenient, fold away easily and offer great manoeuvrability.

All of this is ideal for us as a family as we’re constantly on the move with Evie. As our relatives don’t live nearby, we’re used to spending weekends driving around visiting friends and family, and relish exploring new places during any free time that we have together. As Evie was born in February, we’ve been lucky in that the weather has, for the most part, been on our side so far and we’ve been able to get out and about regularly since day one, meaning Evie is accustomed to a busy lifestyle with plenty of outings. In those early newborn days, getting out of the house at least once a day was as much a necessity for my own sanity as it was for keeping Evie happy and putting her to sleep, and now that she’s older, we’re hardly ever at home. As a result, Evie adores being outside and loves nothing more than singing away in her pram during a walk in the sunshine. When it’s just me and her, we walk everywhere, hop on and off trains and buses, hit up bounce and rhyme and sensory classes, run errands and explore our local area, and when Dad’s at home we bundle her in the car and aim to expose her to as many new experiences as possible. Our family days are spent at the seaside, taking long walks around our local parks and seeking out fun family friendly locations nearby. As a couple, Stu and I are both extremely passionate about travel, and now that we’re parents, we’re really keen to make that a big part of Evie’s life from as early an age as possible.

We’ve got a few trips and holidays planned for the summer, which we’re both excited and slightly nervous about, including Evie’s first trip up to the north of Scotland and her first sunshine holiday to Spain in October. This will mean navigating our way through all that comes with flying with a baby, as well as thinking about how to pack and what essentials to bring – all of which I’m keen to relay back to you, in the hope that it’s helpful to some of you wanting to do the same but nervous about how to approach it. It’s so important to us that we can get away regularly as a family and that Evie can happily fit in around our lifestyle, and therefore having the right kit to enable us to do this is essential.

I’m really looking forward to testing out the Baby Jogger pieces, seeing how they can help make travelling as a family that bit easier, and sharing our experiences with you all along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy this new collaboration as much as I’m bound to!

* This post is part of a collaboration with Baby Jogger. Thanks for supporting the sponsored content on this blog!*



Very relevant for grandparents too! – for visiting us and bearing in mind our old joints will welcome a more lightweight, transportable system! When I think of the weighty monstrosities we had to lump our babies in, it’s great that there are nicer items that fit better with the modern lifestyle!


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