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Autumn/Winter… It’s only July!

Working in PR I am pretty accustomed to thinking about 6 months to a year ahead in fashion – I was viewing SS11 collections last month and I’ve been chatting about AW10 trends to press since February… it’s all very confusing sometimes and I do find I get myself in a bit of a tizzy about what the hell I’m supposed to wearing at any given time and what season I’m supposed to be promoting to who (right now I’m talking AW10 with Elle and GQ, SS10 with LOOK and ST Style and SS11 with WWB and Drapers)
It can also have a habit of throwing you slightly off when it comes to your own fashion ideals as you are constantly second guessing what people will be talking about/ wearing/ interested in 6months down the line… which makes you start thinking ‘should I be wearing that now to appear ahead of the fashion game?… and is it worth it as by the time everyone else cottons on to the idea, I’ll be so over it they won’t even remember I had it first!’
Because this does happen… you get so bored of talking about the forthcoming season that by the time the season is actually upon you, it feels so overdone that you are already craving the next new thing… while everyone else is just getting started! Right now I am salivating over items that won’t be in shops for a whole year and wishing it was the summer of 2011 already… which is ridiculous as we have not even finished this summer yet!
So because of this constant yo yoing between seasons and constant feeling of being thrown back and forward in fashion time – ending up in some sort of style limbo… normally the simple act of high street shopping is somewhat of a welcome relief to me – safe in the knowledge that what I see before my eyes are suitable for the right now!
However it has enamoured me recently to find the summer sales almost all but dead and buried (is it just me or did the summer sales not used to be in September?) and Autumn/ Winter collections already hitting the shelves!!
It panics me you see… as I’m off on my hols at the end of August and have not even NEARLY finished my holiday shopping – do you mean to tell me that by August (height of summer) the chances of me finding a bikini and a sun hat as opposed to sheepskin boots and leather jackets are more or less diminished? Now I am forced into panic mode stage at the thought of not being able to find anything… perhaps this is the idea as yesterday I spent a small fortune and came home with a pile of utter rubbish I will probably never wear!
It also panics me as I am in no position financially to start buying my winter wardrobe now… I have only just scraped together the pennies to start buying my summer gear… BUT there will be people out there who are in that position and will therefore have all the amazing winter pieces before me and I hate the idea that people are out there wearing the things I want before me and taking all the stock so that by the time I actually get around to purchasing – oh what a surprise those boots that I have been coveting since July are GONE!!! This is what we are faced with now… even on the high street – a competition over who can be the first to get their snood out!
But when thinking rationally… it’s only JULY! and still (if you live in London) pretty damn HOT out there!! We should still be wanting itsy bitsy shorts and floral playsuits… instead last night, while doing the Thursday Oxford Street late night shop I actually had to physically drag myself away from buying a pair of suede sheepskin lined wedge ankle boots from New Look… suede? sheepskin? boots? yes well done BB, they will be perfect for the 40degree heat on holiday!?! But they were gorgeous… and there were about 5 other styles that were also to die for! Please let them still be there come September? I also didn’t like the £75 price tag (a little pricey for New Look no?) so it’s just as well my summer head kicked in…
On another note New look is definitely going up in my estimations – it has now become (partly thanks to it’s more central location on Oxford street) one of my main pitstops and I hardly ever leave without buying something (on second thoughts maybe I should stop going in there)
Anyway so despite the fact that I can not and will not be purchasing any of these items until I at least return from my travels at the end of Aug and am in need of a post holiday, back to work pick up… here are the things already on my wishlist for Autumn/ Winter…
1. Sheepskin lined ankle boots… these beauts are from New Look but are not actually the specific ones I fell in love with (can’t find a pic of them but as soon as I do…) Inspired by the Burberry Prosurm pair

2. Leather and Sheepskin aviator Jacket… I would of course die for a Burberry or Acne one but seeing as that will never happen I have fallen for this one from the ASOS autumn/ winter collection… also rather liking the boots from this pic too!
3. Finally I am loving Stella McCartney’s new range of camel coloured suiting and am very much coveting a cape, in fact I think I have been for a while now but can never seem to find one I like! This number from H&M is almost as good…
Aah… now back to shopping for gear which I won’t die of heat exposure in for my holiday… suddenly bikinis don’t seem so exciting anymore!



I’m kind of jealous of this post!!! I was planning to do the same on my blog this week, ranting about some of the same points!!! Well done BB! I must say though I am actually in the same boat, I’ve been planning my winter wardrobe since last winter and now can’t think of how I’ll afford the pieces before anyone else cottons on!

P.s. It’s always a compliment when people remember that you rocked a new season item 1st but what matters is that YOU know You rocked it 1st! Even when they don’t remember… That is the satisfaction I get!

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Bumpkin Betty

Aww thanks Romi – you are too kind! Ah it’s a hard life being so ahead of the game haha! I WILL have a sheepskin leather jacket this winter!

Hope the internship is going well…



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