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As If!!

Last night while lounging on the sofa after a very long and stressful day at work (which seems to be the story of my life every day at the moment), writing the blog, eating Cadbury chocolate fingers, nattering on Twitter and generally feeling sorry for myself (all at the same time of course) a little ray of movie sunshine landed on my TV with such perfect timing it could only be with the intention to cheer me up!

If you care to read my ‘About’ page on the blog (you don’t have to, it’s not really that exciting and I’m about to tell you the same thing here anyway) you will know that the name (in the real world I am of course called neither Bumpkin nor Betty but something altogether less blog worthy) and general tone of this blog is inspired largely by one of my all time favourite movies… Clueless.

Of course the term ‘a Betty’ when talking about a women of good looks, grace and stature was not a new one when the film coined it but as a young girl it was the first time I was introduced to it and phrases such as ‘isn’t she a Betty?’ and ‘Not a total Betty but a vast improvement’ stuck with me… And when I found myself like a fish out of water in the big city it seemed the perfect fit for my blog adventure!

But Clueless was so much more than just a teenage girls dream film… As I watched it again last night after so many years I found myself, surprisingly, not only still knowing every single word to the script but still enjoying it every much as I did the first time.

It was pioneering at the time of its release and has arguably stood the test of time for a modern audience, easily out doing so many of the teen movies which have come since.  It was responsible for making phrases such as – ‘As if!!!’Hello????‘ and ‘What- Evaaa‘ (said with obligatory hand in W sign gesture) mainstream language still used heavily to this day. (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I’ll let you decide)

And who could forget such classic lines, which bring back so many childhood memories, as;

‘Hello? That was stop sign back there!’… ‘I totally paused!’

‘you see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet’

‘I was surfing the crimson wave… I had to haul ass to the bathroom’

And… ‘So, what did you do in school today?’…  Well, I broke in my purple clogs.’

It was also the film that made us all fall in love with a fresh faced Paul Rudd and promoted the knee length sock from an annoying school necessity when you were a kid to a must have fashion statement!

Which brings me nicely onto one of the best things about the film… the fashion! Who didn’t envy Cher’s to die for wardrobe, glossy hair and perfect lip liner talents? The silver ‘stems’ and white Mary-Janes might not have started the fire but definitely fuelled the flame of my shoe obsession and watching it again in 2012 didn’t make me lust after them any less.

While certain technical points in the film might look slightly out dated now (the outfit choosing computer program didn’t look nearly as cool as I remember) the fashions are still as wonderful as they always were. Cher’s tartan skirt and blazer combo is very Alexander McQueen and Dionne’s penchant for midriff flashing tops with high waisted skirts is set to be one of the biggest trends this summer!

There are so many looks to choose from but some of my favourites are the red ‘Alaia’ dress, satin pumps and fur collar coat which Cher wears to go to a party in the Valley, Dionne’s lime green full skirt at the Wedding of Mr Hall and Miss Geist and of course Amber’s air hostess/ sailor outfit!

It’s been seventeen years since I first watched the film and I must have seen it countless times over that period but catching it again by chance last night only reinstated it as one of my top movies and one which truly did shape my life!

So without further ado…
‘I’m outty!’




When I find a new blog, I like to read old posts and I just found this one. Whilst I am not a huge follower of fashion (although I love looking at pictures) this film is one of my absolute faves and one of the only ones that I will still watch from start to finish. My friends all take the piss out of me as they think I am too old (34!) to still love it as much as I do but in humble opinion it is brilliant. In fact I may go home and watch it tonight as I have it on DVD, yipee 🙂 xx


Thanks Aileen, it’s one of my faves too! I can’t believe your friends don’t agree – how can they not love Clueless!! It’s a classic! x


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