Are you Copying Me?

It’s not very often that I find myself feeling smug… well apart from when I go back to my country roots wearing a fashionable little London find and am considered some form of alien breed…but that’s beside the point…

Anyway over the last few days I have been feeling extremely smug about one particular thing… and that’s my fantastic, cosy, furry, padded and oh so precious Woolrich Parka! Why? Because let me tell you – I have been sporting my Parka to rival all Parkas for the entire winter and while yes I may not be the only fan of the ultimate Winter-wear item (SJP doesnt go anywhere without it) I still took great pleasure in watching all the coverage from this years Sundance Film Festival where the like of James Franco, Malin Akerman, Kate Mara and Kristen Stewart all followed in my lead and kept cosy in the snow in their own same Woolrich Parkas! There was me running around at Christmas, knee deep snow probably looking just like them… ahem… I don’t remember anyone asking for my autograph but well I was in the north of Scotland so that’s probably why…

To check out all the pics… take a look at FabSugar
Ok ok… so working in PR may have ever so slight benefits… but don’t hate me because I bagged one for free… I mean c’mon I hardly ever get freebies… working for menswear brands means my stupid unfashionable boyfriend gets freebies all the time, but me… no! The Parka is about the only item where I’d actually want a men’s version as opposed to a women’s (they look good oversized) so I’m allowed to be smug just this once…
Besides how hot does James Franco look in it? If I didn’t already have one, by golly I’d want one after seeing him in it… a picture of padded, furry wonderness all wrapped up in a super cute cheeky grin… yes please!
Check out the Woolrich website for the full collection
Or if I have persuaded you that you simply have to have it… (I’ve already got one – did I tell you that already?) they are available at

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