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Anon… but for how long?

This week Liberty London Girl, the anonymous fashion blogger who has pretty much paved the way for all anonymous fashion bloggers, revealed herself through a three page spread in Grazia and an unveiling on her newly updated website. It was all anyone was tweeting about yesterday and I’ll admit that I could hardly contain myself while waiting for a copy to arrive on my desk…

For all of us fashion ‘insiders’ trying to make our way in this fickle industry and use our blog as a both a writing platform and a form of stress relief after a tiresome day… LLG was somewhat of an inspiration. When she first started blogging she was just beginning her career, had moved to a new city and knew no-one in the industry… ring any bells? and yet look at how successful she became, not only as herself – a fashion editor in NY but also as LLG in the worldwide blogosphere… But what I always wondered was how she remained anonymous for so long…
I am a relative newcomer to the world of blogging (shock, horror – Bumpkin Betty has blogged before in another life but under a different code name and without the dedication I am applying to this one) but even already I am finding the anonymous split identity thing a task in itself… I mean I am under no illusion that what I write is hardly front page news and with only 8 followers the info isn’t really going anywhere but at the same time, I want to be anonymous so that I can write freely about what I see and do, tell you the goss on my love life and dating disasters and if some miracle should occur and I make it to a respected stage in the fashion industry, indulge you with some insider gossip without future employers, work colleagues or dates knowing who I really am. But a blog only becomes successful if people know about it, and how do you promote a blog without revealing yourself to at least your friends…. already I feel that too many people are privy to the identity of Bumpkin Betty so I presumed that those who also worked in the industry alongside LLG must surely know the truth?
I was shocked to read that she had had more than one encounter at a fashion party where she had to listen to people bitching about her blog/ outfit choices/ way with words to her face, unaware of the link. It seems she made the decision to ‘come out’ as it were because if she didn’t out herself, other people would have! You must know you have made it when people are fighting over the chance to be the first to reveal your true identity… Like an amalgamation of Belle Du Jour and Carrie Bradshaw, of course LLG is now writing a TV Sitcom and turning her blog into a book… a goal I’m sure we have all dreamed of…
So although I understand LLG’s reasoning behind revealing herself, and believe that she had got to the stage in her career where to progress she could no longer be hiding her face in every pic… I can’t help but be a little disappointed… In the same way that I know I would be if the face behind the helmet of the stig on Top Gear was revealed… it’s almost better to imagine, than to know…

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I know what you mean – I can’t pretend to know who LLG is as am not a follower of fashion but when they did do that ‘Stig is…’ thing a few months back I was all ‘noooooooo’.

If she was going to be outed though – it’s better she did it on her terms, why do people feel the need to do that to other people? Out them, that’s what annoys me! Grr.

You’ll get more people to your blog, you got me and I enjoyed the read and I don’t even follow fashion *g* Just keep tweeting and commenting on others blogs and then they’ll come to you.


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