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Tidy Home, Tidy Mind… (Or not)

Eichholtz Interiors by Pavillion Broadway, Bumpkin Betty

Image via Pinterest (Take a look at my interior inspiration board here)

You know what say – tidy house tidy mind. Well right now I have a very cluttered house and as such a very cluttered mind.

We currently can’t walk two feet without tripping over a pile of vases that don’t yet have a home, or sit on the sofa without being engulfed by a sea of wedding decorations that are yet to be finished. Even though my brain doesn’t have a whole lot of space in it right now to be thinking seriously about de-cluttering and re-decorating, that still doesn’t stop me dreaming. Dreaming of a new space and the prospect of married nesting. Dreaming of white washed walls and clutter free shelves. Dreaming of space. Space to fill with upcycled furniture and reclaimed antiques.

High on the agenda for next year is a flat move (it was high on the agenda for this year but then GB proposed and the priorities shifted somewhat!) and this time around I’m craving something completely different from our current surroundings. Right now we live in one bed flat housed in a Victorian terrace building and although when we first moved in we loved the character of the place, after four years here that love has been replaced with annoyance over the down sides of living in an old building. The space feels too small for all of the character that it’s trying to accommodate and as a result none of it shows through. We have a flat that never feels truly clean, a living room of mismatched furniture, walls which get damp in the winter, floors and roofs that are too thin and let through noise from everyone above and below, water that takes too long to heat up, and not a white wall (the blogger holy grail) in sight. There’s no room to display the gorgeous pieces of furniture I inevitably see every time I visit a car boot or second hand furniture shop. The quirky personality packed pieces that describe us as a couple and the places we’ve visited/ things we’ve done have no room to breathe amongst all the clutter of every day life. And the black and white photography which lines our walls doesn’t look nearly as arty on the dull brownish wallpaper as it would on a crisp white wall.

Now while I’ll always favour the characterful over the minimalist look, my outlook for our next home is this; clean, spacious and with room to breathe.

An Einchholtz moodboard from Pavillion Broadway, Bumpkin BettyAnd so enter Pavilion Broadway – the home to all my current nesting daydreams. A website full of dreamy interiors and gorgeous homewares – pieces which are clean and fresh but yet still interesting. They asked me to put together a moodboard to portray their Eichholtz Collection and it was like all my Pinterest dreams were getting played out at once. Eichholtz is a brand synonymous with chic timeless luxury and I love the retro film noir feel of the pieces – think black and white photos of Hollywood icons paired with vintage esque furniture and industrial lighting, all with a little opulence and grandeur thrown in. My top picks from the range at Pavillion Broadway include a framed picture of Kate Moss, The shippers Tripod floor lamp and as many pieces of suitcase related furniture as I can find.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a house like this? I can’t wait to start playing out these dreams in real life.

What about you? Do you start getting that nesting feeling when autumn hits too?

*This post was in collaboration with Pavilion Broadway but all thoughts, words and daydreaming are my own*




I always feel like doing interiors stuff in autumn – I guess it’s because we all spend more time indoors when it’s colder! I’m giving my room a mini makeover at the moment and I love the bits that you’ve picked out, especially the lovely side tables x

Josie | Sick Chick Chic


Hey Josie, oh I hadn’t even thought of the fact we spend more time indoors – that makes perfect sense now lol! Hope you mini room makeover is going well? P.S love the blog name change! x


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