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An Afternoon with Baby Jogger

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthAfternoon tea at the delightfully instagrammable Bourne and Hollingsworth with some of the yummiest cakes and cocktails and great company in the form of fellow internet lovelies, presenter Helen Skelton and the Baby Jogger team. Not too shabby a way to spend a Thursday afternoon right?

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Baby Jogger this year, I was delighted to be invited along to the launch of their latest model – the City select LUX – a stroller with 20 different configurations (yes 20!!) that can easily convert from a single to double (and even triple) pushchair making it the ideal model for a growing family.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthHeld at the gorgeous Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings in Farringdon, and with a focus on all things parenting and family, it was the first work event that I took E along with me for the ride. Although slightly apprehensive about the journey into and across London on my own, we managed just fine (thanks to my super lightweight and travel friendly City Tour stroller) and thankfully E fitted right in and was pretty happy being doted on by everyone.

It was amazing to be able to chat in real life to some blogger faves that I’ve followed online for an age (including the lovely Lucy, Catherine, Milly, Donna and Ruth) and nattering all things babies, buggies and blogging over elderflower and ginger cocktails, delish sandwiches and the prettiest cake you ever did see (I almost wanted to tell them not to cut it up for us, but I’m rather glad they did because OH MY!) made for a lovely event. It was also great to finally meet the team behind Baby Jogger who I’ve been working with throughout the year as I’ve so enjoyed working on the reviews and travel content with them (and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them too!).

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthAside from the eating, drinking and chatting of course, we also had the pleasure of meeting presenter Helen Skelton, who is an ambassador for the brand, and hear her thoughts on everything from family life with two under two, how she copes travelling regularly with her brood and how she manages to juggle her successful career with being a Mum. She’s as hilarious as she is lovely and was incredibly warm, friendly and down to earth, even stepping in to keep an eye on Evie while I got some food – what a star! She was even happy to share her birth story with us, which by the way is a corker! Alone in France, on the kitchen floor with only her two year old son for company in case you were wondering!!

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthSo onto the star of the event – the pushchair itself. Well having now tried and tested various models from the Baby Jogger range, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the capabilities of this latest stroller but I certainly wasn’t expecting to be as blown away as I was. Not that we’ve got ANY plans for another baby ANY time soon (E is more than enough for us to handle right now!), if you did have a bigger family or were planning another addition to your brood, I honestly can’t think of a more worthy investment than the City Select LUX. Instead of the usual style of side by side double buggy, which let’s be honest probably isn’t the easiest to navigate around the supermarket and will probably see you causing a pedestrian traffic jam on the pavement, this stroller stays relatively compact, with the seats being above and below each other rather than side by side. As I mentioned, there’s up to 20 different ways to use this pushchair with the option of being able to add a carseat (or 2), carrycot, second seat or bench seat to accommodate two children. Make it a triple with the addition of a glider board and you never need to worry about tired toddlers again. It retains the Baby Jogger signature by folding down into a compact and portable size and the seats are reversible meaning babies can sit parent facing, front facing or sibling facing. And a final feature which had me most intrigued is the hand operated deceleration brake which slows down your pushchair at a moments notice and doesn’t require you flapping about with your feet – amazing right?

We’re going to be putting the stroller to the test very soon (although only as a single pushchair for now – let’s not get carried away!) so stay tuned for a full review and run down of our thoughts in a couple of weeks, but having seen it in action at the event I’m already very impressed and can’t wait to take it for a spin.

If you’ve got more than one little monster/cherub keeping you busy day to day and are in search of a manageable option that can comfortably support both of them, this pushchair would definitely be a great option for the whole family.

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn RuthI’m nearing the end of my Baby Jogger collaboration, so my review of the City Select LUX (coming in a couple of weeks) will be my last project with the brand (for now at least). I’ve so so enjoyed this collaboration and I think it might have been one of my favourite blog projects to date, so I really do hope that you’ve found the posts useful and I might have introduced you to a brand/products that you might not otherwise have been aware of. I never work with brands that I don’t have an invested interest in or feel aren’t the right fit for this blog or my life, but the Baby Jogger products have truly fit seamlessly into our new family life and we genuinely do use them daily. I don’t think we would have been so confident about travelling with Evie had we not had a travel stroller and our City Mini comes everywhere with us. It’s a brand I can really recommend for any on-the-go parents.

Anyway thanks to Baby Jogger for a gorgeous event and stay tuned for my final review post going live in a week or two!

(All photos by me other than a couple of professional shots supplied by the brand – trying to take photos and juggle a baby wasn’t easy!)

This post is part of an ongoing collaboration with Baby Jogger, but as always all words and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsored content on this blog!

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