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A Sunday Happy List

Sunday happy things, Bumpkin BettyOh Sundays! They make me so very happy. Saturdays – well they’re for tasks and chores and admin and last minute work and playing catch up on the week gone. But Sundays are true bliss. Sundays are for the relaxing that can come knowing you’ve got all those tasks and chores out of the way, for doing the lovely jobs you’ve haven’t had time for all week, for eating great breakfasts and drinking cups of tea, for wandering and photographing and for time to just be (unintentional rhyming alert!), for the switching off and the taking stock after the week gone. Sundays make me happy, and this one in particular has made me very happy indeed.

Because it’s been quite the week. Not bad, not good, just a mixed bag of life that formed into an exhaustive 6 days. Me a hospital appointment I wasn’t looking forward to, GB a stomach bug that saw him floored for days. Me working late nights, GB working early mornings, like passing ships without time to discuss the events of the day before. Jobs to be completed, tasks with looming deadlines, life getting the better of us and silly arguments making us forget why we’re working so hard in the first place. It’s so easy to get lost in life isn’t it? To get so caught up in the planning and the working towards and the future that you forget to just live it. Because actually it’s all the little inconsequential moments that are the most important. Those Sundays spent doing nothing but the things you love with the people you love.

As I write this, at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, I’m sat on the new sofa we picked up yesterday (a bargain Gumtree find), marveling at its comfy-ness and admiring how much better it makes our flat look. GB is lounging on the beanbag engrossed in the rugby. I’ve just finished taking some photos for this blog and we’re about to make some lunch before spending an afternoon staining wood for our wedding DIY’s. And all this nothingness, all of these inconsequential moments, well they’re actually bringing such a big feeling of the warm fuzzy’s right now. This is what it’s all about right? Life.

So here’s a list of other things that are making me happy this Sunday, I do hope you’re having a great one too.

:: It being coat and scarf weather again – It’s definitely got colder this week, there’s a nip in the air that wasn’t there only two weekends ago when we spent all day outside at my friends wedding. But on the upside, I’ve got to wrap up in warm coats and don a scarf again. I feel as if I’ve been living in my leather jacket for about six months now and as much as I love it, it sure was nice to throw on a proper coat the other dayΒ and let a scarf be the key accessory in my outfit.

:: Conkers on the ground – one of my favourite things about autumn is seeing fallen conkers on the ground. Don’t ask me why, but I just love wandering through the park near our flat and hearing the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet and the sight of those broken spiky shells with the contrast of the shiny conker on the inside.

::Β Drinking hot chocolate – well it has been chocolate week! The arrival of colder weather means the arrival of hot indulgent drinks. After working with them on a few projects earlier in the year, I’ve become a total convert to Kokoa Collection’s real hot chocolate solids – a much richer and enjoyable taste to the regular powder blends. My favourite is the dark variation and I can’t get enough of it on a cold evening.

::Β Sunday morning light – like that in the photo above – isn’t it the best?Β a little cold autumn sun shining in and making the whole room light up.

:: Taking photos for the blog – and realising how much I’d missed it. Not taking photos of anything in particular but just fresh pink roses which look perfect against the colour of the new sofa, cups of hot chocolate steaming in the sun and those conkers in the park.

:: Our new sofas – I say new, but actually they’re second hand. You wouldn’t know it to look at them though as they’re in perfect condition. Sometimes when it comes to things like Gumtree, living in London is such a dream. Our sofa bed had given up a couple of weeks ago and we’d been vowing to replace it for about six months before that so it feels great to have actually just done it. And by luck have came home with an entire sofa suite and a footstool instead of just a sofabed. Picking it up and re-assembling it yesterday was a mammoth task but looking at our living room now it was definitely worth it. Somehow it makes the whole room feel cosier, comfier and prettier. And now everyone has a comfy bed on my London hen do in a couple of weeks!

:: fresh pink roses – bought half price earlier this week and still going strong. Plus the fact that they go so wonderfully with the duck egg blue of the sofas.

:: Spending time with GB – not doing anything in particular but just being in the same room at the same time on the same weekend is amazing. Chatting about funny stories and things we meant to tell each other ages ago but somehow forgot, catching on TV box sets and cooking dinner while whittling down our wedding playlist.

:: Watching the new series of ‘The Returned’ – It has felt like ages since this French series ended and I kept asking when it was going to ‘return’ but finally on Friday it did and I’m loving having a new programme to keep up with. Did anyone else watch it last time? Addictive viewing. Also – ‘Catastrophe’ returns next week, which I can’t wait for!

:: Completing wedding tasks – yes completing. Not starting, not giving up half way when they go wrong, and not attempting what seems like a never ending job, actually completing them. It’s the best.

:: Re-living our engagement again – Thursday coming marks a years since GB proposed – crazy huh? It’s been fun reminding myself of that day again though and planning another little trip to Hampton Court Palace for next weekend!

:: Having time to blog – I wrote last week about feeling too busy to blog, and then subsequently didn’t come back to this space until today. I decided I didn’t want to churn out posts I wasn’t proud of so I hope you’ll forgive me for being a little quieter. I can’t guarantee a rigid schedule anytime soon but having some time today to take photos and get a step ahead means that I’ve fuelled the ideas engine once again and am looking forward to getting back to it next week.

For now though, I’m off to make another cuppa and enjoy a rare Sunday with my other half. Enjoy yours whatever you get up to.



This made me happy just to read – i NEED to find conkers! We used to sing this song at school that i vividly remember to this day “conkers, i’m collecting conkers, i’m trying hard to find the biggest and the best” πŸ˜› Gosh that will make me sound like such an oddball! But did make me smile along with this post πŸ™‚


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