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A Royally Good Cake

As you probably already know I’m rather partial to a spot of pavlova, since the first time I blogged my pavlova experience, I’ve tried many different shapes and sizes, different toppings and various fruits and no matter what goes wrong or right, what I always say to people is that pavlova is one of the easiest and yet most impressive Looking desserts you can make!

When I saw a picture of this ‘union jack meringue cake’ as it was called on the Telegraph website, I thought this would be the perfect way to up the ante on my pavlova making and set myself a new challenge… It was also a great way to get into the spirit of the Jubilee in the best way possible, through edible goods!

It’s a little more fiddly than my regular slap and dash approach and requires a few more ingredients but here’s how I did it…

6 eggs
450g sugar
400ml double cream
Tsp cornflour
Tsp vinegar
Strawberries and blueberries


1. Whisk up the egg whites until they form soft peaks
2. Slowly add the sugar an continue to whisk until stiff
3. Add the cornflour and vinegar to add gloss

4. Line two flat baking trays with grease proof paper and draw a rectangle shape the same size on both. On one draw the outline of a Union Jack flag shape.
5. Fill a piping bag with the meringue and pipe the outline of the rectangle and then fill in evenly until you have an even flat square meringue

6. On the other baking tray pipe even strips up and down the flag outline until all filled in

7. Bake at around 180C for about 40mins until golden an crispy then switch the oven off and leave it to cool for another hour or so
8. Once cool flip the square meringue upside down onto a tray or large plate

9. Whip up the double cream and spread just over half on top of the square, then flip the flag shaped meringue on top of that and spread out the rest of the cream on top of the flag batons
10. Cut the sides of each strawberry off for the main cross and the dice the middle into thin batons for the  diagonal sectors. Fill the sections in-between the flag with blueberries and then just stand back and marvel at your masterpiece…

I had a slight panic moment when I nearly dropped my flag on the floor while trying to flip it over which resulted in a slightly off centre flag but hey ho I’ve learned to be less precious about my baking and just go with the flow!

Here’s the result! What do you think?


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