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4 Fashion Trends I Never Tire Of…

4 fashion trends I never tire ofAfter a rather motivational blogger event with Shopstyle last week (more on that to come) where the lovely Monica gave her top tips on how to grow your blog and engage with your audience, and the ever talented Toni, gave a masterclass on attacking your Instagram like a pro, I left with a renewed desire to really up with game and make Bumpkin Betty’s social channels the best they can be. Even though I work in all things social and am constantly coming up with creative campaigns for my clients, it’s amazing how I rarely put these methods into practice for my own benefit. I guess it’s always easier to promote other people than it is to promote yourself.

After hearing Monica talk about managing to dramatically increase her Pinterest following in a short space of time, by adopting a more strategic approach and putting in the hard work, as well as reading this helpful post from Ella on her tips to making your Pinterest profile the best it can be, I decided my own pin site was in dire need of an overhaul and a little bit of love.

Although a platform I use daily for my own inspiration, thought gathering and work procrastination, I have to admit it was one social avenue I’d never really developed as an arm of my blog and as such my following was below average and my profile a little lack lustre. One of the tips I found most useful from Ella, was to make your boards more niche and searchable by collating things into specific groups (i.e. ‘desserts and puds’, or ‘breakfasts and brunch’ ) rather than just pinning all of your content into one general board such as ‘food’.

With that in mind, I spent an entire morning, giving my Pinterest a true facelift and seperating what I realised was years of ‘style inspiration’ pins into specific trend boards such as ‘tulle skirts’ or ‘daytime glamour’. Despite being a rather arduous task, I’m really pleased with how my Pinterest profile now looks, and it’s made me able to pin in a more structured way. Within only a few hours of completing my new boards and through a simple tweet directing people to them I’d already gained a good few new followers, and in the week since more still, which has been extremely gratifying after spending half a day on something which felt entirely like nonsense work.

So, in a shameless bid to attract more of you over in that direction I’m sharing some of my new trend boards with you in today’s inspiration post. But, of course, the boards I’ve created are full of exactly the type of clothes and styles I love so my love for these things is nothing you don’t already know if you read this blog ;).

First up, on the style side, these four trends/items, are honestly things I never ever tire of seeing in fashion – no matter the season, year or current style climate. If I ever get to a stage where these items no longer exist in my wardrobe it will be a very sad day indeed, and I really can’t get enough of these looks on Pinterest…

Tulle skirts
Tulle Skirts

Ah the tulle skirt. What can I say other than it’s the fabric that dream are made of. Or at least my dreams anyway. It twirls, it floats, it breezes along beside you. A skirt like this is fun, frivolous and totally carefree, and it can make you feel like a real life Carrie Bradshaw which is never a bad thing in my books. I’ve always had short tulle skirts and dresses, but for my birthday this year I treated myself to a full length number and ,oh my, my love for this trend has been re-ignited in the best way possible. J’adore.

statement sneakers

Statement sneakers (Americanism soz but I love a bit of alliteration)

Ok so I know trainers are having a major moment in fashion right now and have been for at least a year, but I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ve actually always had a bit of a thing for the statement sneak. And even  more so when paired with a dressy outfit. For me there’s nothing cooler than seeing someone rock an all over beaded dress, or a pink floaty tulle something, only to find they’ve chosen to throw on a ratty pair of converse or battered pair of Nike’s as opposed to heels. I’m majorly coveting those black Adidas Gazelle’s and may have succumbed to the Superstar trend this week.

skirts and sweaters

Skirts and Sweaters

Once again it’s the juxtaposition of glam with casual that gets me every time but upon raking through my endless style inspiration post, this was one pair up that just kept popping up. Whether a statement sequin skirt with a slogan sweater or a fluted mini with a fluffy crop, skirt + sweater = style perfection for me.

metallic shoes
Metallic Shoes

No real secret here but I love a shiny shoe. I daren’t count just how many metallic silver or gold (or even rose gold) stems I own but they’re all special to me in their own way. I’m as classic a magpie as they come in that if you give me anything, whether that be a pair of boots or mini skirt, if it’s got shine, or sparkle I’m in love. I’ve now made it my mission to get my hands on those silver gunmetal Acne boots, despite the fact they are around three seasons old and completely sold out. They. are. the. bomb.

Head over to my newly revamped Pinterest profile for more inspo. What are the fashion trends you never tire of?


Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

Love, love, LOVE!!! Look at your beautiful, perfectly niche Pinterest boards! You’ve given me some serious inspiration to revamp my own. Sadly my Pinterest account has been left a little neglected (for a long while!). I love to be super organised so this idea of really separating out your boards into very niche individual boards appeals to me like nothing else. And those tulle skirts!!! Swoon! Honestly, if I could just wear tulle and, my other love, lace, every day for the rest of my days, I’d be a very happy girl! X


Thanks Carly!! I know – it appealed to me too, I love a bit of manic organisation. Tulle + lace every day would be the dream (although we’re basically talking about a wedding dress aren’t we? haha) xx


Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms, but I really struggle to get followers. Ive read all the posts, but still cant quite “get” it.


I know what you mean, it’s taking me a while too. Even when I do work for brands I still struggle to see how they can utilise it effectively. There are lots of ways but unless you have a massive following they can often feel like a lot of work for nothing. Hopefully I can get the numbers up a bit and the rest will happen! xx


I gave my boards an overhaul recently too and it’s much easier to use (for me and others I guess). You can certainly see what your faves are. For me it’s stripes, florals, ballet flats and brogues (I’m such a cliche) xx


THanks Kat, will need to check yours out too – I also have a breton stripes board haha, and I’m pretty sure all of my boards are pure cliche – if you can do it anywhere it’s Pinterest right? x


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