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The Home Straight (a 38 Week Pregnancy Update)

38 weeks pregnant, Bumpkin Betty38 weeks! I’ve reached 38 weeks in the pregnancy! I’m repeating it more for my benefit than yours to be honest as I still can’t quite believe it. Since I entered the third trimester, people kept telling me ‘you’re on the home straight now’ while in my head I was thinking ‘but it’s still three months!’. But now… well I really do feel like I’m on the home straight and waking up each day knowing that something could start at any time, is a strange feeling.

In many ways (because I’m getting so terribly impatient and am more than ready to meet our baby now and move onto the next stage) I do feel as if the period since Christmas has dragged a little, but on the other hand the time does indeed seem to be going very quickly now, and each passing day brings us a little closer to mini’s possible arrival. When I saw my midwife this week, neither of us could believe it had been two weeks since our last 36 week appointment, and as we pencilled in a date for the next one at 40 weeks she made the remark ‘well hopefully I won’t see you for that one, if I pop my head out and you’re not there I’ll be very happy’ which frankly sent a bit of a jolt of fear through me (in a ‘oh god this is real‘ kind of way), as excited as I am I’m a creature of order and all of this unknown is very scary.

We’ve entered a weird phase of the pregnancy now – a strange sort of waiting game where we’re trying really hard not to overthink it or sit about waiting for something to happen, but at the same time allow for the possibility that it could, any day now. There’s a feeling of not wanting to travel too far, for GB to make sure any work he takes isn’t seeing him in a position where he couldn’t easily down tools and rush back, for me to carry my hospital notes with me wherever I go and for us both to be resting and sleeping as much as possible in anticipation.

My extreme levels of organisation mean that we’ve planned as much as it is possible for anyone to plan for something they don’t really have any idea about, and we’re as organised and ready as we’re ever going to be. We’ve been to the NCT classes, we’ve been to two local classes on Active Birthing and Bumps to Bright Babies, we’ve (ok I’ve) read every piece of information out there in a bid to arm myself with possible outcomes and preferences, we’ve written a birth plan, discussed what should occur if said birth plan goes completely out the window, we’ve told our parents and friends how we see things happening after the birth, we’ve done three separate dry runs to the hospital (taking different routes each time so that we’re clued up should there be any roadworks or diversions), we’ve packed the hospital bag, we’ve got the Birth Centre number saved to our phones and the nursery room is ready and waiting with drawers full of nappies and sleepsuits.

There really is nothing more to be done… other than wait.

Maternity leave, Bumpkin BettyThe advice from my midwife is to keep my mind busy at this stage (and eat, eat, eat apparently to fatten the little one up and convince them they’re ready to come out) as it’s getting harder to get around physically, so I’ve got a pile of books to get through, a few box sets lined up on the TV and I’m blogging…

Today I thought I’d share an update on how things are going, and hey here’s hoping it might just be my last one!

Wood Wood Monday jumper, Bumpkin betty

Disconnect jumper (felt appropriate) – Wood Wood

How far along: 38 weeks!

Days until due date: 13!

The bump: Well no surprises here but bump is as big as it’s ever been. Bending is no longer possible, putting socks on without assistance is no longer possible and I’m feeling pretty huge. Waddling along like a penguin, arching my back and holding it at the bottom while baby painfully presses on all of my internal organs.

How big is baby? At our 36 week scan, baby was 6lb 2oz (which I thought was pretty scary but apparently that’s fairly average) so now we’re estimating they’re around 7lb ish. The prediction according to my charts, is that if I go full term, baby will be somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8lb. Which is definitely big enough for me, so c’mon now mini don’t keep us waiting too long! Oh and on the fruit scale – we’ve reached watermelon stage! The last fruit on the list!!

Weight changes: Well understandably I’ve put on a fair bit by now, but honestly I haven’t kept track of my weight gain throughout the pregnancy so I can’t tell you exactly. I think most of it is baby, but my boobs, bum and legs have definitely taken on a bit of the weight too, and I’ve kind of given in to it. Right now, a bit of cake makes me happy, and I’m supposed to be fattening baby up remember so it’s all good.

Stretch marks? Ugh, would you believe I’d got to this stage with only a few very faint silvery ones that I was hoping wouldn’t be too noticeable, and then just last night I noticed a big angry red one at the side of my stomach? Sods law right? I’m sure more will make themselves known once baby is out but I admit to feeling a bit disappointed to have got stung with a bad one at this late stage – I’d been doing so well! I know it’s not as bad as it could be though, so I’ll keep smothering on the oil and hoping for the best.

Symptoms/feelings: Excited, impatient and a tad scared.

That’s how I’d describe my current mood. I am very much done with being pregnant now and am more than ready to move on to the next stage and meet our baby. To be honest the – looking after a baby – part doesn’t scare me in the slightest (which is perhaps rather naive as I’m sure that is the harder part) but the idea of taking our baby home and spending time looking after them, caring for them and being with them doesn’t fill me with anything but love and excitement and glee. We honestly CAN’T WAIT for that part now, and GB keeps mentioning how excited he is for that first hold. We know it will be difficult and we’ll be sleep deprived and all the rest of it, but I genuinely think we’re going to love going through it for the most part. The thing that is still scaring me, is what I have to go through to get to that stage, and all of the things that could go wrong in the process. The fear of the unknown is crippling if you let it be, so for now I’m trying very hard not to think about it and just ‘let it happen‘. All I keep telling myself is that I’ll do whatever it takes to meet our baby, and that’s my mantra for now. Whatever it takes – every moment of pain or discomfort or fear is a step closer to meeting our little one… just please don’t make it too painful!!

Symptoms wise, I’m a typical heavily pregnant women right now and am getting all of what you might expect at this stage. I’m constantly exhausted, yet not sleeping well. My legs, hands and feet are swollen (wedding rings are OFF boo). I’m walking at snails pace, getting back ache, pelvic pain and twinges constantly. My bowels are a bit all over the place, I’m peeing every 2 hours (even through the night) sometimes eating a big meal is difficult because mini is sitting awkwardly. I’m getting bouts of dizziness, my mind is a bit fuzzy and I’m very forgetful. It’s basically all fun and games ha!

Cravings: Nope, I really haven’t been affected by cravings at all during this pregnancy (which everyone has a different reason for – ‘oh that means it’s a girl’ etc etc) but for the most part my diet has remained the same. Just with added chocolate, cake and salty crisps.

Food aversions: Not really – I’m very boring aren’t I?

Sleep: A bone of contention. Sleeping an entire night uninterrupted is definitely a thing of the past (good practice I hope?) but I’m giving in to afternoon naps and attempting to get rest in where and when I can instead. I get very tired in the evenings so my bedtime is getting progressively earlier (while GB’s gets progressively later – he’s in training apparently LOL) but the problem with that is that my bladder wakes me up every two hours and so I never really feel like I’m getting much zz’s in, and by the third time I’ve woken up, usually around 5am I rarely manage to get back to sleep after that – especially as by that point my hips are usually aching and all I can think about is how uncomfortable I am. I keep hearing that insomnia is pretty normal at this stage, but it is also rather annoying when EVERYONE around you just keeps telling you to ‘sleep while you can’.

Exercise: Bah! You have to be kidding right? I’m still attempting a daily walk, but the distance is getting lessened with each passing day, and the swollen calf muscles that I get when I do too much aren’t worth it so, no not really at the height of my exercise game right now.

Best moment this week: Probably seeing my midwife, hearing baby’s healthy heartbeat again and getting an insight into how they’re sitting as well as finding out we’re now 2/5 engaged. It always makes me really happy knowing how they’re doing in there and even having someone tell me ‘here’s the back, this is a knee, there’s a bum’ makes it all a bit more real and I love it. Now when I feel them wriggling I can push their little bum down and know that I’ve just touched our baby’s bum in a way! Oh and also having a whole day to myself at the weekend where I didn’t have to do anything or talk to anyone and could just relax in the bath, read a book and potter about the house – it was bliss.

Worst moment this week: It’s actually been an ok week all round so I haven’t had any bad moments as such. Now that work is more or less finished I feel as if I can relax a bit more so I’m feeling good. I guess a particularly bad nights sleep the other day meant that I was a bit grumpy and sloggish for the rest of the day and didn’t feel that great, but I can’t really complain too much.

Miss anything? Taking my own socks and shoes off? Does that count? I miss wearing shoes that aren’t my manky, stretched out Adidas superstars that’s for sure – I am definitely buying myself a new pair of trainers once pregnancy is over! Just the usual really – missing my old clothes (as always), having normal sized ankles and being able to walk at a normal pace!

Wood wood wednesday sweatshirt, Bumpkin BettyMaternity clothes: Pretty much living in the comfies at the moment – leggings, the few pairs of maternity jeans that still fit and aren’t a struggle to get on and off and loose tees and cardigans (and pyjamas a lot of the time let’s be honest). If I do need to go out and see people, I usually turn to my dungarees which are the comfiest thing I own that still look ‘dressed’.

Movement: Yes very much so – still got a wriggler in there despite them having a lot less room now. Now that the head has dropped down a little I can feel a lot more twinges and pressure on my pelvis and groin, and up top we’re getting lots of twerking and bum shuffles, with elbows, feet and knees protruding out the sides. According to the scan we’ve got long legs in there so the feet are currently far across to the right of my stomach and what usually keeps me up at night!

Gender: Still unknown but we’re having lots of fun getting guesses from all of our friends and family. GB and I are both on camp boy again, after a brief moment during the second trimester where we thought it was a girl, but honestly it’s anyone’s guess. My Mum seems convinced it’s a girl after what she describes as a ‘very vivid dream’ whereas GB’s Mum thinks boy and it’s pretty 50/50 with our friends predictions. I’m not sure there’s ever any way to know so we’ll just have to wait and see – not long until we find out though!!

Belly button in/out: OUT OUT OUT – it’s actually sticking out so much it’s like a little bump under my clothes!

Mood: Overall, really good. As I mentioned above, slightly terrified about the birth but hugely excited about the outcome and what comes after that, so keeping that image firmly in my head.

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby!!!!!!

38 week bump update, Bumpkin BettySorry for all the mirror selfies, getting dressed and heading out to take photos just seems like so much effort at the moment but I’ll hopefully get back on track once baby is born!

So the waiting game continues… wish us luck!!



I love a good pregnancy update! Everyone (literally everyone!) was convinced we were having a boy but we ended up having a girl. This was handy as we couldn’t agree on any boys names 🙂 Regards labour, its actually not too bad. I hated nearly every single minute of my pregnancy and will admit I wasn’t that happy at the start of being a parent but I would actually go through labour again and mine was a bit rubbish. I have a really low pain threshold (nearly passed out getting my ears pierced) but I actually managed for the most part to deal with the labour pains. I am genuinely so excited about your baby coming as the way you write always makes me feel you are one of my friends, really don’t mean to sound stalkerish by the way! Enjoy these last few days of just being 2 and good luck! xx


Great update – and the best possible situation in that everything is progressing as it should and all is well. Uncomfortable few weeks, I know, but nearly there!

Lissy Hayes

It’s so exciting reading this! I’m currently 25 weeks and almost heading into the third trimester and I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly. I love reading updates just to prepare myself for things to come, hope everything went smoothly my dear 🙂 x


Ah congratulations!! So much fun to come for you, hope pregnancy has been treating you well and good luck with everything!


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