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29 Days of Shoes…The results!

It’s been a few days since my 29 days challenge ended and I’m missing the daily photo taking and outfit planning already… I challenged myself to wear 29 different pairs of shoes over 29 days and in the end I succeeded with a grand total of 33 pairs of shoes! Although there were tough days, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, so much so that upon finishing I found myself wondering whether I could keep it going for another month! It made me re-evaluate my shoe collection and re-think my style without ever re-doing an outfit…
Here are the results!
Heels vs Flats
21 pairs of heels (3 pairs of wedges, 6 pairs of high heels, 9 pairs of ankle boots, 3 pairs of kitten heels)
12 pairs of flats (3 pairs of brogues, 5 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of ballet flats)
Designer Vs High Street vs Vintage
0 pairs of designer (really need to rectify that soon)
28 pairs of high street (5 New Look, 3 Carvela, 5 Topshop, 2 Bertie, 1 J shoes, 1 ASH, 2 Office, 1 H&M, 1 Aldo, 1 M&S, 1 French Sole, 1 Russell & Bromley, 1 Kurt Geiger, 1 Converse, 1 Reebok, 1 Nike)
5 pairs of vintage
Monochrome vs Colour
7 black or white
25 Colour (2 patterned, 1 green, 6 brown, 1 grey, 3 silver, 4 gold, 2 pink, 1 red, 1 burgundy, 1 nude pink, 3 multi-coloured)
Leather vs Glitter
5 canvas
7 patent
5 suede
1 ponyskin
10 leather
3 glitter
1 pleather
1 satin
Favourite Pair – My Highest and craziest pair, my silver Topshop platforms on Day 11
Favourite Outfit – My pastel pink outfit and nude pink heels for lunching on Day 26
Favourite Photo – My final photo of my Bertie Black and Blue strappies where I got the hang of the Bokeh effect and made a rainy day look sunny on Day 29
And what I’ve learnt…
1. You can NEVER have too many shoes…
Before I started this challenge I thought I had far too many pairs of shoes, half of them I hardly wore, many of them were very inpractical, some were falling apart and Ebay was top of the agenda for more than a few. Since the challenge however I am horrified that I even thought about ebaying some of them – no I do not have too many, in fact I think I may not have enough… I don’t even have a month’s worth of flats nor do I have a heel for every occassion… when the snow came my choices were limited and I was forced into summery open toed sandals as the month wore on… It helped me realise what my collection needs most (a designer pair) and what I need to stop buying (metallic heels) Hopefully now my shopping will be more thought out and less random. Mostly I have learned that there is always an occasion to suit a pair of shoes and just because I haven’t worn a pair in a while doesn’t mean there wont be an event just around the corner which they could be perfect for.
2. Taking photos of your feet everyday can be tricky…
Actually the taking of the photos isnt the tricky part, what is tricky however is keeping a daily photo of your feet interesting and making each one different in some way… that and also finding a good spot outside on way to work where you can stop and snap without inviting too many strange looks from those around you! My photos got steadily better as the month went on with the help of some clever photo apps but still all looked remarkably similar.
3. Think outside the box when it comes to style…
The best lesson from this challenge was what having to wear a different pair of shoes everyday did to my outfit choices… I was forced out of my ‘skinny jeans, brogues and wooly jumper’ rut and forced into clothes I havent worn for ages, outfits I hadnt even dreamt of before this and styles I hadn’t dare try before now. I used to be really daring when it came to fashion and I think somewhere along the line of getting older, having a proper job and becoming more settled I seem to have become more ‘safe’ with my fashion choices – I hope taking more risks is one of the positive things I take out of this.
4. Shoes really do make an outfit…
Following on from my last point, there were many days within the challenge where I wanted to wear a certain dress/ skirt/ pair of jeans but couldn’t because I had already worn the only pair of shoes I had which would go with it. Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes I usually find a new outfit to go with by thinking from the feet up, taking the shoes and working the outfit around them but over the month of February I had to learn to do this on a daily basis and I can honestly say that the phrase ‘it’s all about the accessories’ is 100% true.
5. None of this would have been possible without an iphone…
I have only had my iphone for a few months but I really dont know how I lived without it before… it certainly makes my blogging life a lot easier! Without the iphone I couldnt have taken my daily photos nearly so easily or quickly and if I had I wouldnt have been able to make my bad photography skills look reasonably clever without the help of Tiltshift and Bokeh apps and even then wouldn’t have been able to show you all without the wonderful Instagram. Not to mention how much easier writing a blog post a day, with photos, was with my Blogger app allowing me to have it all ready after one bus journey to work. So thank you dear iphone for making my 29 days challenge not only possible but enjoyable!

And lastly… the ones that didn’t quite make it in! This just means I’ll have to do another shoe challenge, perhaps a Summer edition?


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