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29 Days of Shoes… Day 9

Day 9 and I’m donning my Dorothy shoes! So far in the challenge I haven’t worn anything too adventurous, the first few days I didn’t want to as I was still finding my feet (excuse the pun) and the last few days it’s been horrid weather! Anyway I was about to put on another pair of brogues today and then changed my mind and decided to wear something a little more fun!
The best thing about this challenge is that not only is it forcing me to wear shoes I had either forgotten about or just never thought twice about anymore as I had newer shinier models, but it’s also forcing me to do that with my clothes too!

My look today is very cutesy as that’s what the red shoes called for, I’m wearing a pair of navy and White polkadot culottes, a black beaded knit and my collar… I’m also wearing a pair of heart shaped stud earrings (I almost never wear earrings).

A year or two ago this was my everyday look- I was a very cutesy dresser- I was rarely out of a dress (usually of the cinched at waist, full skirt variety) I bought all of my clothes from vintage shops and wore little t bar heels and silver jazz shoes (which I still have and will appear on the challenge at some point) I think these red Mary janes were bought during that period and when I put them on I’m rather sad I left that look behind… I do love wearing skinny jeans and fierce boots but sometimes you gotta love dressing up like a little girl! So that’s today’s look- I’ll be pirouetting around the office all day!

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