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29 Days of Shoes… Day 4

Day 4 and it’s Zumba time so I’m in my trainers for my morning workout. I have decided however that these do not count as part of the challenge as if so I would not be able to zumba/ run/ spin again for the rest of the month… Actually perhaps that’s not a bad idea…

In the afternoon me and GB are off to his dads in the country, so after a zumbatastic morning it’s home for a quick change into a casual Saturday afternoon outfit of comfy skirt, long sleeved tee, my Brat & Suzie stag jumper, awesome shaggy shrug, tights and my J Shoes lace up heeled brogues! I throw on some bling, my fur coat and my earmuffs and I’m ready for a country pub and a pint!
Have a fabulous Saturday!

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