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29 Days of Shoes… Day 29!

Day 29! That’s it! I’ve done it… 29 days, 29 different pairs of shoes, 29 different outfits, 29 photographs of my feet, 29 blog posts about my feet… and it’s completed!
Today in celebration and as promised I am wearing a ridiculous yet fabulous pair of heels which are in no way ideal for everyday wear but I am happy, I am not moaning and I am proud… Because they are beautiful and it is only right to finish the challenge on a beautiful pair of shoes!

They are Bertie suede strappy numbers with little buckles around the ankles and bright blue stiletto heels! They haven’t been worn very often because in my mind they were a tad wobbly to walk in but in actual fact today they haven’t been too bad… Probably because I haven’t ventured very far from my desk but still!

I’m pretty chuffed with myself for getting all the way to the end, it taught me a few things… Mainly that it there was ever a serious shoe shortage in the world I would be able to dress a fair few people (as long as they were a size 6 and liked high heels) but I’m not going to reflect too much in this post as I want to do a full round up at the weekend…

So for now I just want to say… Hurrah! I’ve worn my 29th pair of shoes and tomorrow a new month begins, one which doesn’t involve me taking a photo of my feet every day but perhaps will involve something else just as entertaining!
29 days of shoes = DONE!

Over an out!

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