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29 Days of Shoes… Day 28

Day 28 – the penultimate day of the challenge… Boy am I tired. It’s been lovely to wear a different pair of shoes every day and I love all of my shoes equally just like children but today I don’t want to wear a heel or a wedge or even a boot… Today all I want to wear is a flat! Maybe my French sole pumps? (nope wore them on day 17) maybe my silver aladdin slippers? (unfortunately not I wore those in the first week!) maybe a flat sandal, or a chic trainer or a Chelsea boot? (nope, nope and… Definitely nope- I don’t even have any chelsea boots!)

The only flats I have available to me are a bright pink reebok high top (I have meetings today- it wouldnt be appropriate) a jelly sandal (I’m not on the beach) or a walking boot (reserved only for trudging through the snow at christmas). No unfortunately today it has to be either a high heel, a high wedge or a winter boot, none of which are appealing!

I’ve eventually rather reluctantly decided on the least offensive and least painful pair- a black lace up buckle wedge boot which I don’t have any problem with other than the fact they kill my feet if I wear them all day (still less painful than most of the options).
But I’m just tired… I went to the gym last night (on a Monday!) and then stayed up late watching paranormal activity 3 so when I eventually hit the sack I was both exhausted yet unable to sleep for thinking about little girls dancing on my kitchen work tops!
But I refuse to give up with only 1 day to go and so I have worn the high wedge which kills my feet!
Tomorrow is the final day And tomorrow I shall not be tired, tomorrow I shall not moan and tomorrow I shall wear a ridiculous pair of the most fabulous heels and be proud!

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