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29 Days of Shoes… Day 1

It’s the 1st Feb and with that comes many exciting things, pay day for a start, fashion week and of course my new self imposed challenge- 29 days of shoes!

Throughout February I am going to attempt to allow some of my more hidden at the back of the wardrobe shoes see the light of day (well 29 of them anyway) and the challenge is to never wear the same pair twice and document the whole journey as I go along by posting photos of all of the shoes I wear!

So here goes! Day 1 and I think I deserve extra brownie points already as I’m wearing two different pairs today. I’m starting the day with my trusty glittery brogues for comfort and then as I’m off out to the new Marie Claire Runway launch party tonight so I have my silver stilettos with me to change into later (I’ll tweet a proper pic of these later)… I have just this second realised that by doing so I can now not wear those silver shoes again for a month… That makes me a bit sad but I guess that’s the idea of the challenge and hopefully it will make me pull some new outfits out of the bag!

For any fellow shoe-aholics who want to join in with me and have a bit if shoe fun I’m using the hash tag #29daysofshoes on twitter and would love to see your shoe collections too!

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