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10 Things that Inevitably Happen When Moving House

10 things that happen when you move house, Bumpkin BettyIt’s now been nearly a month since we made the move from London to our new abode in Kent. In some ways it seems like only yesterday that we were packing our life up and cleaning every possible surface of our little flat so our deposit wouldn’t go down the drain, and in others it almost feels like we’ve always lived here and walking up a set of stairs to go to the bathroom is entirely normal.

Of course, as everyone predicted, even a month in we’re still very much living out of boxes and scrabbling through suitcases each morning to find that one item that you’re sure you packed last but somehow seems to be at the very bottom of the pile (some rooms are so full to the brim of ‘stuff’ that I wonder how on earth we ever got it all into that one bed flat of ours). I think, rather naively, I imagined that within a month we’d be all sorted and have the whole house looking how we wanted it, so I could sit and put my feet up in Pinterest living bliss for the next three months of this pregnancy. But of course that was a pipe dream, and although we’ve actually done a fair bit already, everything still feels very unfinished (read: not blog worthy) and probably will for a while.

I worked out that despite moving a month ago, GB has actually only spent a total of 8 nights in the house as he’s been travelling a lot for work. This, plus the fact I’m a useless preggo at the moment, has meant that it’s taken us much longer to get moving with the unpacking, arranging and decorating. Not to mention the fact that the act of moving house itself and re-decorating is a bloody expensive business and I keep having to give myself a talking to when I get a little carried away online and want to buy all the furniture and cushions and accessories and up-cycle everything with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Patience is key they tell me.

Anyway despite wanting to move sooner, we were in our London pad for nearly five years in the end so it had been a fair while since we’d done a big move and I’d almost forgot how comical the whole thing is. I’m sure the trials and tribulations of moving are fairly universal so I thought I’d share 10 of the things that will inevitably happen when you choose to pack your entire life up in a transit van and find a new abode. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve experienced anything similar.

Cox and Cox furniture, Bumpkin BettyChair and Cushion – Next | Throw – Art of the Loom | Coffee Table – Cox and Cox

10 things that inevitably happen when moving house

1.The sofa probably won’t fit through the door – why don’t furniture companies make sofa’s door friendly?? I swear in every move I’ve ever done (both mine and for others), getting the sofa indoors is always the most difficult part. Ours actually went through the front door fine but took a serious amount of manoeuvring, the removal of two doors and a lot of sweating from Stu’s parents before it found its final resting place in the living room.

2. Despite trying to be organised and label every box, you still won’t have a clue where anything is – I was meticulous about labelling boxes during the packing stage, and anything deemed ‘essential’ for the first couple of weeks living I tried to keep at the top of any suitcase for easy access. But lo and behold, even as the removal men brought the boxes in and asked me for directions on where to dump them I was already entirely clueless as to their contents most of the time. And since then I’ve spent almost every day getting into a right tizzy because I can’t find the one jacket/dress/pair of scissors I might be looking for.

3. Things will go missing – the house you left will be baron when you lock it for the final time, and there won’t be anything but dust in the back of the van but yet there will still be items that have gone completely missing and aren’t in any of the boxes left to unpack. Oh, and you can guarantee it’s only the important things that go missing too. Just like the lone sock that comes out of the washing machine, it’s a true mystery.

4. Only the good stuff will get damaged – Despite putting the worlds supply of bubble wrap to good use on everything, the one expensive item you own will arrive smashed to smithereens. All those cheap charity shop finds? Yup totally fine. The cake stand you got as a wedding gift that must have wrote ‘fragile’ on a thousand times? Broken in two.

5. You’ll feel like you’re haemorrhaging money – you’ve already paid for a deposit, six months rent, a million pointless agency fees, and the removal, and yet the first few weeks of a new house will be the most expensive thing ever, even if you’re renting. From buying furniture to getting engineers to come install a new TV aerial to having to invest in electric heaters when your boiler breaks down, it’s just one thing after another.

6. Your pre-move measurements will prove to have been totally useless – we measured every wall in the house before we’d moved a single item into it and then still found that beds didn’t fit where we’d planned them to and alcoves were too small for the furniture we’d imagined living there. Basically don’t bother measuring anything until you’re actually in and can visualise it properly.

7. For the first week you’ll have ALL the ideas and motivation and then you’ll get lazy and a month will pass with you still tripping over that box in the hall – Oh the productivity in that first week is through the roof! Let’s paint this, strip that, wash out this, unpack that. And then you realise how little progress you’ve made even with all that hard work and you think ‘oh to hell with it, let’s just sit on the sofa for a while’. That while turns into weeks, you get lazy and suddenly that wallpaper you couldn’t possibly live with when you first moved in, doesn’t seem so bad.

8. You’ll suddenly hate ALL of your furniture and want to start from scratch – those chairs were perfectly fine in your old house, but now you can’t stand the sight of them and can’t bear the thought of having to keep them in your nice new living room. ‘But they don’t go with the house’, you’ll plead before endlessly pinning gorgeous armchairs you can’t possibly afford.

9. No matter how organised you are and how early you call your internet supplier to pre-warn them of a changeover, you’ll likely still be without internet for at least two weeks – Oh internet, why does it always take them SO long to get you re-connected and up and running. Two weeks of spending far longer than is polite in cafes to rinse their wifi, gets tired pretty soon. Especially when your supplier calls to tell you they sent your new router to your old address by mistake.

10. Something (or a lot of things) will go wrong with the house at totally the wrong moment – Just as the weather went from being all cute and colourful and autumn where you could totally get away with just a leather jacket outdoors, to being FREEEEEZING cold and winter and where no amount of layers are enough, our boiler cut out and stopped providing us the basic necessities of heating and hot water. Cue days of sitting indoors in coats and hats and scarves and washing with the boil of a kettle. Oh and did I mention my husband was on the other side of the world too. Yup, you can rely on some great timing for all of these little eventualities when you move house.

Ah isn’t moving fun? Can you identify with any of these things? Please do give me a laugh and leave a comment with some of the ridiculous things that happened to you when you last moved?




Haha I know the feeling, I’m secretely wanting to do some burning/accidentally spilling something on that chair myself right now ha! x


I think we might be the same Chloe!! Certain rooms have just become dumping grounds haha, glad to hear we are not alone x


We finally emptied our spare room and unpacked the last box after 2 years in our new house and only then because I was 7 months pregnant. Never had problems with the furniture though because my engineer husband felt the need to make scale drawings of the house and cut out little scale furniture saying ‘this is how the double bed will look’ and ‘this is how a king size bed will look’ at the time I thought he was being ridiculous, but maybe not!! Xx


Haha I have a feeling we might be just the same – there is one extra room that is just a dumping ground right now! I think your husband needs to come measure my house and make me some of scaled drawings, I’m useless! x


This was super useful hahaha!! I’m in the process of buying my first home with my fiance right now, so it’s good to know what we’ve got in store for us! 😉 xx


Where do they go??? There must be some sort of moving house black hole that sucks them all up! We’ve lost our best bed sheets and a few amazing urns from our wedding that I loved!! Boo x


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