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Hello and welcome to Jaclyn Ruth. I’m Jaclyn, and this is my online home – a place to share who I am, what I do, and everything I love, from the personal to the professional. I’m a creative stylist based in Manchester and have a true passion for beautiful styling and photography. I’m also a Mum and love to write and document all the little things in life. Whether you’re here to read musings from my everyday life, or find out more about how we can work together, it’s lovely to have you here! Please do make a cuppa and come right in…

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I work freelance as a food, product/ prop stylist and content creator. I’ve worked with various brands to style gorgeous lifestyle imagery showcasing their products in a creative way, and I’d love to work with you too. Read on to see my recent work and find out how we can work together, either on a styling project, blog collaboration, or social media project.

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My Lifestyle BlogAn honest journal...

What started as an online diary back in 2009 (!), this lifestyle blog has developed into honest space to document my daily life and loves, from fashion to food to family. With a penchant for over sharing and writing from the heart, I treat my blog like chatting to old friends and honesty is at its core. Here you’ll find style (both my wardrobe and my home), recipes, travel adventures and tales from the frontline of parenting. In short; musings from my everyday life, which I hope can inspire yours…

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Love of a good slice of cake (either baking it or eating it)? Who doesn’t right? The Flaky Bakers Club was started as a way to find and connect fellow cake lovers and create a community of baking enthusiasts of all levels. A friendly cake community, open to everyone and aimed at those of us who have a passion for baking but admittedly aren’t always Pinterest perfect. With a monthly theme, a friendly gang of bakers ready to discuss biscuit vs cake, and lots of support, we celebrate the fails as much as the wins. Join us on Instagram or simply get some recipe inspiration…

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